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Accessorise the Best Home Defense Guns with the Best Holster, Stocks, Accessories


A handgun by the bedside or in the purse or glove compartment makes many people feel safe and secure. May you never be in a critical situation that rattles you into pulling a trigger on someone. But it is a fact, that handguns and home defense go a long way

The Glock 17 is a very popular house gun choice. It is exciting to handle it at the range too. The Glock 17 is reliable and easy to use. It is simple and effectively designed. The safety features are bang on! Such a popular gun needs to have a good holster too.

What makes a good holster?

A holster is a safe holder for your gun and a good one should just be able to do that. Most holsters are made up of leather, or papier-mache and worn on the belt or kept under the arm. They are personal accessories and a good holster should enable you to respond on time and effectively too.

Holsters for the Glock 17

The Glock 17 has been in the market for quite some time and has had several useful upgrades too. It remains a very popular choice for self-defence and is one of the first choices for handguns in the online market today. Such a popular gun requires an excellent holster to boost its efficiency.

The best holster choice for Glock 17 {ONLINE} should ideally be one which allows you to draw your pistol easily, aim and fire in a quick, precise manner.

Why should the Glock 17 have a holster?

The Glock 17 being one of the most sought after choices in the world needs a proper holster to house itself and because most often this handgun is used as a service sidearm. A good holster enables the weapon to remain concealed without attracting attention.

Stocks and accessories:

The part of the gun to which the barrel and firing mechanism is attached is known as the stock. Accessories are those which increase the efficiency of a pistol or a rifle gun. They are used as upgrades and most gun enthusiasts love accessorising their weapons to improve the efficiency and quality.

The Ruger 10 22 has for long been considered an effective survival rifle and which is affordable and is great for hunting and target practice.

The Ruger 10 22 – stocks and accessories to buy [affordable] should improve the survival readiness of the rifle. Plus, the accessories like the sling, the scope, magazines, and magazine release should only ensure that they improve the comfort factor rendering it easier and efficient to use.


There are several good handguns to buy online! – cheap too and our recommendation for you is to buy a pistol/ rifle based on its utility for you. If you are a novice go for a basic but popular and reliable choice, read the reviews carefully and make an informed decision.

Accessorising your gun is a personal choice and to choose appropriate accessories, one must become familiar with the handgun, its parts and shooting capabilities. So, go ahead and choose the best one suited for you.

Best Radar Detectors/ Cheap Detectors for the Budget in 2016 – 2017


If you wish to avoid the hassles of a speeding ticket and want to be warned well-ahead of an approaching police radar or laser monitoring, then investing in good radar detectors/ cheap detectors seems to be a very good option.

While these electronic devices come in several price ranges, there are some models that fulfill the requirements of the best radar detector for the money [cheap too] for the tight-budgeted.

Entry-level radar detectors:

The cobra spx 5500 is one such radar detector. It is competitively priced and has been tested extensively in various conditions and circumstances. A good radar detector in the car should make the driver more observant and cautious. The cobra spx 5500 works well on the open highway. It provides a clear digital text display. The device comes with a long detection range and gives advanced warnings to radar guns that are very fast and quick. This radar detector gives voice alerts and does best what an ideal and basic radar detector should do.

Some drawbacks of the cobra spx 5500 are that it gives out a lot of annoying false alerts. The display on this electronic device is dim and is difficult to read in bright sunlight. This is a basic model and the market now has the latest versions with advanced features.

People very often compare this with Beltronics, which brings us to a popular model, the Beltronics sti magnum. Beltronics is a reputed name for many good and advanced models of radar detectors in the market. The sti magnum is a device with simple, sleek, and efficient features. It comes with a dual- antenna and is a great long range radar detector. There is a 3-level sensitivity which gives effective warnings when a police radar or signal is detected. Also, this is a model which is compatible with certain live-apps that help detect even non-radar threats like speed traps and red-light cameras. It uses stealth technology and comes with a clear audible alert and great LED display.

However, for a model that has great functions, it lacks GPS and Bluetooth which makes it only a very good entry-level product.

But, is Beltronics sti magnum good for motorbike too??? This is one radar detector that works well with motorcycles. But, the user has to accessorize it with a motorcycle mount, an external warning device and give the machine weather protection.

With the motorbike mount, and an external earphone jack, which enables the motorist to plug into his motorbike sound system the device offers good protection from speeding ticket hassles. There is a wireless version too, so you can choose a convenient version apt for you.

Both the Cobra spx 5500 and the Beltronics sti Magnum are decent entry-level products. Though, there are several models with more advanced features, these 2 models seem to fulfill the characteristics of the best radar detector of the money [cheap too], because of their simple and effective functions.


If your requirement is that of a simple and basic device which picks up radar signals effectively, then there are some efficient competitively priced electronic devices which do the same. However, if you wish to look at more advanced features like GPS, app compatibility and pop system detection then the reviews for the best radar detector 2016 / 2017 may help you make a suitable choice.

Hoverboards – Technology Under Your Feet

Hoverboards resemble the skateboards and are run not on wheels but on technology. If you wish to give your legs a respite, then your best choice would be these Hoverboards for they are specifically designed for personal transportation. The concept and ideology for this was extracted from the design and mechanism of the skateboards and were designed to look like the same though the source for moving each one of them is different.

These Hoverboards, very commonly and popularly known as the self balancing scooters look fantabulous and the technology on which they are designed to operate is even more amazing. All the user has to do is just step a foot on them and they will take him/her to the desired location specified. Now many of our minds might start thinking if these can replace our traditional cycles and the modern day scooters. The answer for this is a little tricky because these boards were initially designed for specific purposes like short movements and transportation within hospitals, research centers and factory sites wherein the need for moving around and visiting more departments is more; in simple terms the lower limbs are put to work equally like the brains. But with advanced technology and passion for revolution, now-a-days we are able to see these Hoverboards even in the world outside but they can operate efficiently only for a short distance.

Though the above description might instill in you a feeling to own a self-balancing scooter, it is very important that you stay a little conscious in selecting the right picks for you because there are cases where these boards have caught fire and hence are very dangerous. It is advisable to take a look at some of the most-selling Hoverboard Review for 2016 and 2017 before making a choice for they might give you a hint about some of the very safe and reliable products from some reliable manufacturers.

But are these devices only for the elders? No, there are even hoverboard for kids that can be used for fun and enjoyment. In the present day world, you can spot kids going crazy with these and the manufacturers have been very careful in designing these for the tiny-tots. These kid`s centric hoverboards come with a slight modification in the size. Generally the hoverboards are seen just with a foot rest moving on wheels but the ones that are specially designed for kids come with a handle bar ensuring their ride a safe one.

Though there are many colors and designs in these hoverboards, something that is unbeatable is the white hoverboard!!! White is always elite and it gives a special regal feel. But these are priced very high. There are many cheap self balancing board! that can suit the needs and pockets of all the people and their range starts from just a $300 and can go up to $10000. It all depends on the person`s purchasing ability taking into consideration the need for the product and the pocket. So do a proper research before hitting on the right product.

8. Walk And Move Physically Without Your Physical Legs – The Hoverboards

With improvement and development in technology, there is a new product in the market every single day. It was a time when people knew nothing about artificial mobility until a vehicle run on stone and wood wheels came into existence. Now this concept was improved and that is how we have the bullock-carts and the horse-cats that were more comfortable and were light in weight. When there can be cart on wheels, why not motor run wheels, was the next though of man and this is when the cars came into existence. Today, technology is so very advanced that you need not have to strain your legs or walk even a few yards for the hoverboards will carry you on them and take you to the intended place without much effort.

These hoverboards are specially designed for personal transportation and the fields that have been greatly benefited by these are the medicine, research and science. This is considered one of the smartest inventions of mankind for they are designed to support the human body that has a natural movement mechanism. If you are a person who toils in the work area running between departments, then this can definitely partner up with you in all your runs. These devices apart from the doctors and researchers are also used by students. These can transport a student from home to school and back home. They have been very wisely designed to balance the weight of a person by making them rest their foot on two standing platforms that would support and balance their weight while on the go.

Pink is the real think these days and when it comes to girls it is definitely pink, be it their nail color or the neck belt of their pets. Such is the bond between the color pink and girls. All of us know that hoverboards come in different colors and designs and special colors like pink, red etc. are now added to the existing color palette to attract the female population for the product. Many believe that pink hoverboards are great for girls and this fact has been proved with the rising number of females thronging the market for different models but the same color.

There are many reviews and blogs online by people who have benefited using these hoverboards in their regular life and some of the reviews of the best hoverboards come with detailed description about each of the product reducing the efforts of people in buying them from physical stores.

Segway Mini pro is not a hoverboard but a step ahead and is an evolution in the transportation field for these can be operated not just with hands but from your mobiles too. Whenever the need for these hoverboards is felt, you need not have to reach them but they will be at your service with just a call. These are available from $999 and this is the best deal for Segway mini pro price!. Also do not forget to look into the razor hovertrax review.

Climb the Hills And Rocks Not With Strings And Hooks But With Dirt Bikes

Have you ever thought of how it is a mundane activity of riding through the regular routes everyday? Have you ever thought as to how it would be to ride through the bushes and sand mountains that you see on your way to your work? There are a few who might get stuck with such funny and unusual ideas and there is nothing wrong in this for the obsession of riding on the same lanes and roads is very common among people especially those who love to venture something new always. Such dreams need not be dreams forever but can come true when you decide to take such unusual roads on the dirt bikes. Yes these dirt bikes are designed especially for such roads and terrains and with them by your side you can take any unimaginable path but remember to take the necessary precautions before climbing on them because the roads you are planning to ride are not rider friendly and are not meant for regular riding.

Every dirt bike comes with a regular kit that offers the rider gloves, glasses and mainly the helmet which is very important for all the riders. These dirt bikes are designed to suit the needs of all the riders from kids to professionals. And they come in different models and sizes. These bikes do not necessarily look like bikes but also come in buggy forms which are specifically designed for the kids and the beginners wherein they can be sure of their safety since they run on four wheels unlike the bike modeled dirt bikes on two wheels.

The is one best website that gives a detailed description about the various dirt bikes and their features. They also talk about how a rider has to be very careful in making his ride a successful one by assisting him with some precautions and tips. If our a dirt bike mad and are hunting for the best dirt bike for your riding huger, then the right place to quench your thirst with the right option should be this.

If you are a regular dirt bike racer, then you must definitely try out the Razor – MX650 for this comes with a high torque and is designed with a super cross construction which is generally the built for bikes of rugged surfaces. It comes with a dual suspension that makes it even more efficient on rough and tough terrains.

The Razor Dune Buggy is another type of dirt bike from this famous manufacturer and this Razor model is good dune buggy suitable for the kids. It poses a vintage look and proves to be one of the comfortable dirt bikes that come with a flat foot rest making the journey a relishable one. Apart from this there are also few top notch Electric ATV for Kids!! available with some of the leading manufacturers. It is always advisable to buy such go-karts, especially when comes to kids, from known and branded dealers for the product is sure to offer a good performance for the expense incurred.

How to Choose a Suitable Binocular for Your Needs


Field glasses are instruments used for observation of long-distance objects. They are optical devices with 2 small telescopes that are placed side-by side and have 2 lenses that project a clear image of distant objects and a pair of prisms to enable symmetrical viewing.

These optical wonder devices are put to several applications. Their uses vary from being used for entertainment and commercial purposes to being used for defence and military purposes.

The sheer variety of field glasses that are available in the market can be confusing. Choosing the right type of instrument makes a world of difference in your hobby or profession of choice.

A few ready reckoners for you to consider before the purchase of any field glasses

* Decide on the purpose of purchase. Is it for general viewing, entertainment purposes or is the purchase intended for the pursuit of a hobby or a profession?

* These instruments come in several price ranges, choose one that will fit your budget and your requirements.

* Try to clearly understand the features that are on offer.

* Scout the market for different models and understand which ones can suit you best.

* Look out for additional features, warranties and other offers and deals on the product. Look for a brand that lends good customer support.

* Decide on a price range. Some cheap binoculars may offer a few great features that may be satisfactory to the beginner.

The following snippet gives an overview of the best marine binoculars for boats

The constant rocky movements characteristic of boats limits the power and efficiency of standard field glasses. Therefore, the best marine binoculars for boats have different and added specifications as compared to those used in land.

For people who take to aquatic life, the use of optical devices on the open wavy waters can be challenging. This is because, the constant water movement makes it difficult to procure a steady image, difficult to assess the distance on water and the possibility of damage and corrosion to the instrument is more.

Therefore, as a thumb rule the best optical devices for boats should be water-proof, resistant to fog and have anti-corrosion properties. These marine optical devices should provide for a decent magnification power along with image stabilisation and ample light transmission, a wide field view,decent range finders and illuminated compass. Most marine binoculars utilise Porro prism as opposed to the Roof prism.

Your guidelines to understanding the best binoculars for bird watching:

Birds are flighty, unpredictable creatures. A good pair of binoculars is crucial for an avid bird-watcher. These optical devices are wonderful aids to deliver great views and help you spot birds at great lengths.

These optical devices which nurture your interest in bird-watching are a long-term investment and a sensibly chosen instrument can deliver clear images and accurate data.

Some important pointers to buying the best binoculars for bird watching are:

* Decide on a budget range.

* Choose an appropriate magnification. 10* is usually the preferred power of magnification as compared to a marine instrument’s requirement of 7*.

* When bird watching, look for lens that project bright colours and sharp, clear, crisp images.

* Test several models in low light conditions before you arrive at a suitable choice.

* Durable and adjustable eye cups that provide eye relief are necessary.

* Look for a product that is adequately covered with warranty and offers useful additional features.


There is a vast array of optical devices ranging from cheap binoculars used for sports-viewing and opera, to premier ones that help in the pursuit of refined hobbies and profession. Decide whether they are meant for day-use or night-use. Cheap night vision scopes and observation devices maybe beneficial when used in rifles. For astronomy viewing and wildlife night viewing, the requirements are different.

Three Different Types Of Barbecue grill

Barbeque grill has become increasingly popular in the recent times as you can use it for indoor as well as outdoor cooking. And when you have parties, they can be really useful as well. There are various types of barbecue grill available today which are either gas fueled or

charcoal based. Even though both type of grill works differently, but finally both are essentially having the same methodology of cooking applying the heat from below.

In this article, we will go through three different types of grills options you can chose from depending on your need and taste.

Weber e310 is the first one we will discuss.

1. Weber e310: The Web e310 natural gas grill comes in a glossy black colour and is a popular grill in this category. Some of its unique features are:

· The electronic ignitor of this grill works flawlessly with just one touch unlike other grills in the market.

· It gives you a quick heat up and its excellent grates give a well done meat for your daily or outdoor events.

· This grill unit is heavy and well-built and can look great in your kitchen. The moment you will open this grill, you can easily know that it is different than any other grill you might have seen.

2. Pellet Smoker: There is another interesting grilling technology offered by the pellet smoker wherein when you smoke through pellet. How it works is that your activating the igniter rod feeds the wood pellets into the firebox of the unit. So, this is an indirect system of cooking where you don’t have to really mess around with charcoal, wood or even with the temperature of a grill to ensure it cooks well. This is one of the easiest systems of cooking your favorite juicy meat or complex cuts.

As per the Pellet Smoker Reviews here are some of its features:

* With Pellet Smokers, you will have absolute control over its temperature units.

* It comes with convenient cooking features as well.

* You can smoke meat without being forced to tend to smoking all day and you can do other things in the free time you get. However this is not the case with conventional wood and charcoal smokers.

* Pellet Smokers contains natural materials and not additive or fillers like charcoal. unlike other grills. So, you can get food which is not only cooked well but also safe. And the best part is that you don’t need to add any extra wood chips or flavouring agents since the pellets automatically gives a natural smoke flavor.

And now let’s look at another type of grill where you don’t need to use neither charcoal or gas fuel.


3. Char Broil Electric Grill: Here are some of the features of a Char broil electric grill.

* This grill has TRU-Infrared system for cooking.

* You can get evenly cooked grills without any flare-ups.

* The char broil electric grill has porcelain-coated cooking grates which look really neat.

* This grill gives you the option of checking the temperature with the lid-mounted temperature gauge.

* This grill has two black wheels which are great if you wish to move the grill and to take it to another place.

* It also has a warming rack and a lid mounted temperature gauge which tracks the pre-heat temperature of the grill.

* It has primary cooking area of 240 sq. in and total cooking area of 320 sq. in.


Drones come in different variants and for distinctive purposes. Fan followers for drones fall under all age groups, so it is vital to choose a drone according to the age, purpose of usage and the expertise of the user. A veteran user of drones might be well versed in the usage procedures of high-end drones, but new users and kids might really need a simplified version of drones.

There are many drone types that fit in this category of simplified yet a perfect Quadcopter for beginners and those who look out for a practice session before going ahead to purchase a high-end expensive model. So let us take a look into such drones for beginners.

1. UDI U818A Quadcopter:

This type of quadcopter is the highly recommended model that would possibly suit for beginners. To have a clear view you can go ahead and read more in this UDI u818a review [click]. This will take you through everything right from setting up and building your own quadcopter to taking a flying drive in the aircraft. This quadcopter is electrically powered, controlled by radio and is equipped with 6 gyroscopes that lends it the ultimate stability. The unique and the coolest feature of UDI U818A is its very own 360° version maneuver, which allows you to take a flip in the air by just a press of the button. The maneuver would ultimately be the easiest, making the process a kids play with drones. At a cost of just $49, it gives you the ultimate hit for your price.

2. DJ Phantom Series:

When it comes to simplicity, ease of flying and cheaper costs there is no other company to surpass the benchmark set up by the DJ phantom series of quadcopters. The latest addition to this master series is the DJI phantom 3 professional | Near me to buy, which has an add-on feature of a 4k video recording, attached to the quadcopter. There are three versions of this drone available in the market namely:

1. The Phantom 3 Professional (Shoots video in 4K)

2. The Phantom 3 Advanced (Shoots video in 1080p)

3. The Phantom 3 Standard (A more standard and affordable model)

Now after knowing the great features and models of the phantom series, you might hear your mind asking – OMG Where are the stores near me to buy this Phantom series, rite?

3. Parrot Bebop:

Parrot Bebop was the pioneer company to design a drone exclusively in the consumer UAV category. It has since then produced many budget friendly drone models to suit the beginner’s needs. Though it looks like a small drone it has some really exciting features and designs that are practically down to earth. It is highly portable and has unique features. Its simple controls and durable nature makes it the perfect choice of a fresher or a kid to try their interest with drones. Being a cost effective drone with simple yet powerful features attached to it, hope my parrot bebop drone review explains it well.

Survivalist knife: A necessity for all outdoor enthusiasts

Survival knife is extremely important if you are caught outdoors in a situation which requires self-defence. A survival knife is starkly different from the regular knife, although a regular knife will have enough sharpness, the strength, versatility and usefulness. All situations cannot be handled with a regular knife, you need a survival knife to handle challenging situations.

The blade of survival knife is different from the regular kitchen knife which is used for chopping vegetables, fruits and meat. The market is flooded with various products, choosing the one that suits your need can be tough. Here, we review three very popular products in the space –

Bk2 kinfe

Bk2 knife comes from the well known manufacturer Ka-Bar knives Inc., It is a fixed blade variety, these knives have blades which are handmade. The knife is designed by Ethan Becker. Like most other survivalist knives, this is also made in USA. It comes with a hard shell black nylon sheath. It is a full tang heavy duty camping knife. It can do all chores like cutting rope, branches etc., these knives come in handy when you have to put up a tent and dismantle it. Cooking outdoors may also require using a tough knife. Wading through tall grass, trees can be tedious, a camping knife such as this one will help you chop things blocking your way easily.

Spyderco paramilitary 2 black knife

Spyderco is a name to reckon in the pocket knife / survivalist knife category. They pursue excellence in their versions of knives. The blade of Spyderco paramilitary 2 black is handmade, it comes in succession to it’s earlier version of Spyderco ParaMilitary1. It is used by military personnel, who rough it out in the camps. There are significant improvements compared to the earlier version. This knife has a narrow handle which is ideal for gripping. The blade fits aptly in the section set aside for holding. There are no angles which could end up poking you while walking in the wilderness. This is a foldable knife which enhances the concealment feature. Survival knives are meant to be concealed to ensure that you can swiftly respond when attacked.

Benchmade hunting knife

Yet another winner knife in this segment is Benchmade hunting knife. As the name suggests, it is meant for hunting in the wilderness. It may not be effective in hunting huge animals, it could be used to catch fishes in ponds or small animals. The purpose of benchmade hunting knives is to enable you to survive if you are stranded in a lonely place. It can also help you to defend yourself effectively. Their handle comes in two different colours – black, wood finish and orange. Typically, survival knives have only black color handles and overall look. Getting it in bright color is a welcome change. They are designed compactly but with highly efficient blade.

Hope this brief enables you to now pick up the dealer’s phone number and place your order.

World of 3D Printing!!

3D printing, as a lay man knows, is giving shape to the models that is outlined on the paper. 3D print is not very new, it was first creates by Charles. W. Hull in 1980’s. The technology then used was the Stereo Lithography, which made use of UV rays beam. Since then, there has been constant progress in this field.

Well, do you know, how exactly this 3D printer works?

We shall give you an overview of its working structure. Firstly, this 3D print is created as a file, a blueprint for the model. Then, this design file is sliced into layers, which is then sent to the printer. best 3d printer for your desktop [TOP] And the printer there prints every single layer, adding layer upon layer and giving out that amazing figure.

Earlier 3D printing was mostly only used for Rapid Prototyping (RP). But with advancement in technology, its uses have spread wide across to many industries and there are many applications of 3D printer today.

The technologies behind this much hyped machine are: Stereo Lithography; Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM); Selective laser Sintering (SLS); Selective laser melting (SLM); Electronic Beam Melting (EBM); and Laminated Object Manufacturing.

So, how does it print?

For a layman, a 3D printer may sound just like any other printers. But only who are technically advanced can understand what exactly this machine is and its working.

You are lucky that you are here! Asking why? We are going to tell you, how this machine works though not in detail. Isn’t it pretty interesting to learn something of great importance, in a very easy way, without attending classes! Yes, it is.

There are basically four ways of this machine printing its design. These are the ways incorporated in every other machine, but given different names. Let’s see what they are:

* There are printers that extrude molten or semi-liquid structures.

* There are printers that solidify a photo curable resin.

* Then, there are printers that fuse the granules.

* There are printers which stick together cut sheets of plastic or paper or even metal.

These above procedures form the base of the technologies used in the machine.

3D printer Filaments

There are various types of filament used in making their projects, using a 3D printer. The most used filaments are:

* ABS and PLA

* PVA and HIPS

* Nylon

* Wood

* PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

* Polycarbonate (PC)

* Metal

* Carbon Fiber

* Lignin

The list goes on. There are close to twenty types of filaments available today.

The Best 3D printer filament is listed below:

* Hatchbox Filaments(uses PLA & ABS)

* Taulman Filaments(nylon & PETT)

* 3rDment Filaments(ABS & PLA)

So, when you observe, PLA & ABS materials are the most preferred materials in printing.

Make Parts with 3D printer:

Reading it again? Yes, you read it right! You can make parts of tiny things using 3D printers. May be a huge toy of your kid is repaired because a tiny important part is missing and is irreparable cos of it! Don’t worry any more. You can create that tiny part using 3D printers and fix that problem.

Not just toys parts, any parts for that matter can be created using this 3d printer.

There are simple steps to be carried out for making this happen.

* Design the required part

* 3D printing that part

* Fixing and testing the part

Sounds easy, isn’t it? If you get a chance go ahead and try them.

The Best 3D Printers for your Desktop (TOP) that are in the market today are:

* Original Prusa i3 MK2

* BCN3D Sigma

* Ultimaker 2 Extended+

* Formlabs Form2

* OrdBot Hadron

Thinking about their prices? GET the Best 3D printer under 500 , here are your choices:

* XYZ printing da Vinci 2.0 Duo

* Printrbot Play

* M3D Micro

* XYZ Printing da Vinci 1.0

* Maker Select

With so many models available for you to pick and choose from, at price so low, your printing need not be on just a plain white sheet anymore!

The Latest Reviews on Mid-range DSLR Camera

People nowadays look for good reviews on DSLR cameras before selecting one for them. For a professional photographer, the reviews are of much more importance as it is a profession to him/her. Many sites provide various reviews on the latest models arriving at the market. This article is going to give a rough picture on few of the characteristics of the Mid-range DSLR Cameras suited for various levels of photography.


Nikon is the most respected company in the camera industry. The transition made by Nikon from film cameras to digital camera was rather smooth compared to other camera makers. Nikon produces DSLR cameras suiting different types of people ranging from professional photographers to amateurs. Each of the cameras has its own distinct features. But as newer models are coming up in the market, it is important to consider certain features while buying the latest DSLR camera.

CMOS Imager: CMOS image sensor is responsible for transforming light into electricity. The camera then converts this electricity back to a digital image. CCD sensors also do the same but they are present in older models and unlike CMOS image sensors, they do not perform well in low-light. In Nikon, always look for a CMOS image sensor in an ISO range of 100 to 6400 for a better image quality.

HD video Recording: One of the important features to look for in a Nikon DSLR camera is the HD video with 1080p resolution. This is high quality video and can clearly capture videos of events and moments. Looking for a HD video recording is a better option than selecting a camera that records video but not HD.

Lens Support: While selecting a camera, knowledge over the different types of lenses is important. While purchasing Nikon cameras, check for the support for multiple lenses.

Auto Focus System: A good combination of image sensor and autofocus means that the camera is focused even at low-light conditions. Select a Nikon camera with 51-point autofocus system for taking pictures more quickly.

Optical Image Stabilizer: Blurred images are produced in cameras due to the motion of the photographer. This is rectified with VR image stabilization technology in Nikon cameras.

Live View Shooting Mode: The image that is captured in the camera is displayed in the LCD display in the Live View Shooting mode, thus, making it easy for the photographers to find an easier shot. Most of the Nikon camera have this option which can be enabled/disabled.

A Nikon lover will always go for the latest models from Nikon. For more Nikon DSLR Camera review, click HERE:


The other company dominating the DSLR camera market is Canon. Even after narrowing down to the specific manufacturer, there are plenty of options available to choose from. Any review on mid-range DSLR cameras will have a review included on the latest Canon 70D review. The best Canon 70D review can be found on To tell in short, this 70D was launched three years after the 60D was released. It has many improvements like the Dual-Pixel based AF technology that makes it a formidable camera. The other popular model of Canon is the Canon-eos-5d, the review of which can be read at

A good DSLR camera can redefine the way we see the world. Stay updated by reading detailed reviews of the latest models before buying one.