Best Radar Detectors/ Cheap Detectors for the Budget in 2016 – 2017


If you wish to avoid the hassles of a speeding ticket and want to be warned well-ahead of an approaching police radar or laser monitoring, then investing in good radar detectors/ cheap detectors seems to be a very good option.

While these electronic devices come in several price ranges, there are some models that fulfill the requirements of the best radar detector for the money [cheap too] for the tight-budgeted.

Entry-level radar detectors:

The cobra spx 5500 is one such radar detector. It is competitively priced and has been tested extensively in various conditions and circumstances. A good radar detector in the car should make the driver more observant and cautious. The cobra spx 5500 works well on the open highway. It provides a clear digital text display. The device comes with a long detection range and gives advanced warnings to radar guns that are very fast and quick. This radar detector gives voice alerts and does best what an ideal and basic radar detector should do.

Some drawbacks of the cobra spx 5500 are that it gives out a lot of annoying false alerts. The display on this electronic device is dim and is difficult to read in bright sunlight. This is a basic model and the market now has the latest versions with advanced features.

People very often compare this with Beltronics, which brings us to a popular model, the Beltronics sti magnum. Beltronics is a reputed name for many good and advanced models of radar detectors in the market. The sti magnum is a device with simple, sleek, and efficient features. It comes with a dual- antenna and is a great long range radar detector. There is a 3-level sensitivity which gives effective warnings when a police radar or signal is detected. Also, this is a model which is compatible with certain live-apps that help detect even non-radar threats like speed traps and red-light cameras. It uses stealth technology and comes with a clear audible alert and great LED display.

However, for a model that has great functions, it lacks GPS and Bluetooth which makes it only a very good entry-level product.

But, is Beltronics sti magnum good for motorbike too??? This is one radar detector that works well with motorcycles. But, the user has to accessorize it with a motorcycle mount, an external warning device and give the machine weather protection.

With the motorbike mount, and an external earphone jack, which enables the motorist to plug into his motorbike sound system the device offers good protection from speeding ticket hassles. There is a wireless version too, so you can choose a convenient version apt for you.

Both the Cobra spx 5500 and the Beltronics sti Magnum are decent entry-level products. Though, there are several models with more advanced features, these 2 models seem to fulfill the characteristics of the best radar detector of the money [cheap too], because of their simple and effective functions.


If your requirement is that of a simple and basic device which picks up radar signals effectively, then there are some efficient competitively priced electronic devices which do the same. However, if you wish to look at more advanced features like GPS, app compatibility and pop system detection then the reviews for the best radar detector 2016 / 2017 may help you make a suitable choice.