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How to Choose a Suitable Binocular for Your Needs


Field glasses are instruments used for observation of long-distance objects. They are optical devices with 2 small telescopes that are placed side-by side and have 2 lenses that project a clear image of distant objects and a pair of prisms to enable symmetrical viewing.

These optical wonder devices are put to several applications. Their uses vary from being used for entertainment and commercial purposes to being used for defence and military purposes.

The sheer variety of field glasses that are available in the market can be confusing. Choosing the right type of instrument makes a world of difference in your hobby or profession of choice.

A few ready reckoners for you to consider before the purchase of any field glasses

* Decide on the purpose of purchase. Is it for general viewing, entertainment purposes or is the purchase intended for the pursuit of a hobby or a profession?

* These instruments come in several price ranges, choose one that will fit your budget and your requirements.

* Try to clearly understand the features that are on offer.

* Scout the market for different models and understand which ones can suit you best.

* Look out for additional features, warranties and other offers and deals on the product. Look for a brand that lends good customer support.

* Decide on a price range. Some cheap binoculars may offer a few great features that may be satisfactory to the beginner.

The following snippet gives an overview of the best marine binoculars for boats

The constant rocky movements characteristic of boats limits the power and efficiency of standard field glasses. Therefore, the best marine binoculars for boats have different and added specifications as compared to those used in land.

For people who take to aquatic life, the use of optical devices on the open wavy waters can be challenging. This is because, the constant water movement makes it difficult to procure a steady image, difficult to assess the distance on water and the possibility of damage and corrosion to the instrument is more.

Therefore, as a thumb rule the best optical devices for boats should be water-proof, resistant to fog and have anti-corrosion properties. These marine optical devices should provide for a decent magnification power along with image stabilisation and ample light transmission, a wide field view,decent range finders and illuminated compass. Most marine binoculars utilise Porro prism as opposed to the Roof prism.

Your guidelines to understanding the best binoculars for bird watching:

Birds are flighty, unpredictable creatures. A good pair of binoculars is crucial for an avid bird-watcher. These optical devices are wonderful aids to deliver great views and help you spot birds at great lengths.

These optical devices which nurture your interest in bird-watching are a long-term investment and a sensibly chosen instrument can deliver clear images and accurate data.

Some important pointers to buying the best binoculars for bird watching are:

* Decide on a budget range.

* Choose an appropriate magnification. 10* is usually the preferred power of magnification as compared to a marine instrument’s requirement of 7*.

* When bird watching, look for lens that project bright colours and sharp, clear, crisp images.

* Test several models in low light conditions before you arrive at a suitable choice.

* Durable and adjustable eye cups that provide eye relief are necessary.

* Look for a product that is adequately covered with warranty and offers useful additional features.


There is a vast array of optical devices ranging from cheap binoculars used for sports-viewing and opera, to premier ones that help in the pursuit of refined hobbies and profession. Decide whether they are meant for day-use or night-use. Cheap night vision scopes and observation devices maybe beneficial when used in rifles. For astronomy viewing and wildlife night viewing, the requirements are different.