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Drones come in different variants and for distinctive purposes. Fan followers for drones fall under all age groups, so it is vital to choose a drone according to the age, purpose of usage and the expertise of the user. A veteran user of drones might be well versed in the usage procedures of high-end drones, but new users and kids might really need a simplified version of drones.

There are many drone types that fit in this category of simplified yet a perfect Quadcopter for beginners and those who look out for a practice session before going ahead to purchase a high-end expensive model. So let us take a look into such drones for beginners.

1. UDI U818A Quadcopter:

This type of quadcopter is the highly recommended model that would possibly suit for beginners. To have a clear view you can go ahead and read more in this UDI u818a review [click]. This will take you through everything right from setting up and building your own quadcopter to taking a flying drive in the aircraft. This quadcopter is electrically powered, controlled by radio and is equipped with 6 gyroscopes that lends it the ultimate stability. The unique and the coolest feature of UDI U818A is its very own 360° version maneuver, which allows you to take a flip in the air by just a press of the button. The maneuver would ultimately be the easiest, making the process a kids play with drones. At a cost of just $49, it gives you the ultimate hit for your price.

2. DJ Phantom Series:

When it comes to simplicity, ease of flying and cheaper costs there is no other company to surpass the benchmark set up by the DJ phantom series of quadcopters. The latest addition to this master series is the DJI phantom 3 professional | Near me to buy, which has an add-on feature of a 4k video recording, attached to the quadcopter. There are three versions of this drone available in the market namely:

1. The Phantom 3 Professional (Shoots video in 4K)

2. The Phantom 3 Advanced (Shoots video in 1080p)

3. The Phantom 3 Standard (A more standard and affordable model)

Now after knowing the great features and models of the phantom series, you might hear your mind asking – OMG Where are the stores near me to buy this Phantom series, rite?

3. Parrot Bebop:

Parrot Bebop was the pioneer company to design a drone exclusively in the consumer UAV category. It has since then produced many budget friendly drone models to suit the beginner’s needs. Though it looks like a small drone it has some really exciting features and designs that are practically down to earth. It is highly portable and has unique features. Its simple controls and durable nature makes it the perfect choice of a fresher or a kid to try their interest with drones. Being a cost effective drone with simple yet powerful features attached to it, hope my parrot bebop drone review explains it well.