The Best Microphone For Recording And Podcasting

The type and brand of microphone that you use can make a whole lot of difference to recording your singing, speech or musical instrument.

Sennheiser e935

It is not without any reason that the Sennheiser e935 is used by musicians all over the world for recordings. In fact, it is the no1 microphone for recording and comes from the house of Sennheiser who have more than 70 years of experience in creating sound equipment. Read on as we tease and present to you the capabilities of the e935.

* Cardioid pick-up pattern

The heart-shaped cardioid pick-up pattern picks up only the voice and effectively cuts out other background sounds and on-stage signals. The quick response also ensure that no details are missed.

* Frequency response

The frequency response range of 40 – 16,000 Hz has been designed for precise reproduction of sound in the vocal range.

* Hum compensation coil

Forget any background sounds or annoying hum sounds in your recordings as the e935 has a hum compensation coil to take care of it. Pure voice is all you will hear!

* Neodymium capsule

The Neodymium ferrous magnet with boron can handle high sound pressure levels.

* Rugged body

It has a rock-solid construction with an all-metal casing and a shock-mounted capsule to handle years of usage, be it studio recording on for on-stage usage.

* Warranty

The 10 years warranty against manufacturing defects speaks for the quality of the product.

If you are looking for some great quality recordings then the obvious choice for you is the Sennheiser e935 sen of mics!

Blue Yeti

Podcasting is all about a clear recorded voice and quality sound. Even if your podcast topic is brilliant and filled with some great information, it will not reach your targeted audience if the sound quality is poor. The ① blue yeti microphone is the best choice for both beginner and seasoned podcasters.

* Plug and play

As a podcaster you don’t want to be playing around with your mic to get the best results. That is why the Blue Yeti is perfect as it allows for a true plug and play experience by connecting directly to your computer through a USB port.

* Pick-up pattern

You can choose from four different pick-up patterns to suit your recording needs. While the cardioid is best for voice only solo podcasts, you can use the omnidirectional pattern for groups and bi-directional pattern for interviews. The stereo setting is ideal for vocal and instrument recordings.

* Construction

The Blue yeti sits comfortably on its sturdy base and can be easily adjusted into the desired position.

* Adjustment settings

The e935 has a headphone jack to hear the output as you are recording and even adjust the volume of the output. The gain control knob lets you select the sensitivity while recording. You can pause the recording at any point and resume seamlessly with the mute button.

Don’t even think about settling for anything but the best for your podcasts. And the best time to buy it is now as the best microphone for podcasting is in stock.