Survivalist knife: A necessity for all outdoor enthusiasts

Survival knife is extremely important if you are caught outdoors in a situation which requires self-defence. A survival knife is starkly different from the regular knife, although a regular knife will have enough sharpness, the strength, versatility and usefulness. All situations cannot be handled with a regular knife, you need a survival knife to handle challenging situations.

The blade of survival knife is different from the regular kitchen knife which is used for chopping vegetables, fruits and meat. The market is flooded with various products, choosing the one that suits your need can be tough. Here, we review three very popular products in the space –

Bk2 kinfe

Bk2 knife comes from the well known manufacturer Ka-Bar knives Inc., It is a fixed blade variety, these knives have blades which are handmade. The knife is designed by Ethan Becker. Like most other survivalist knives, this is also made in USA. It comes with a hard shell black nylon sheath. It is a full tang heavy duty camping knife. It can do all chores like cutting rope, branches etc., these knives come in handy when you have to put up a tent and dismantle it. Cooking outdoors may also require using a tough knife. Wading through tall grass, trees can be tedious, a camping knife such as this one will help you chop things blocking your way easily.

Spyderco paramilitary 2 black knife

Spyderco is a name to reckon in the pocket knife / survivalist knife category. They pursue excellence in their versions of knives. The blade of Spyderco paramilitary 2 black is handmade, it comes in succession to it’s earlier version of Spyderco ParaMilitary1. It is used by military personnel, who rough it out in the camps. There are significant improvements compared to the earlier version. This knife has a narrow handle which is ideal for gripping. The blade fits aptly in the section set aside for holding. There are no angles which could end up poking you while walking in the wilderness. This is a foldable knife which enhances the concealment feature. Survival knives are meant to be concealed to ensure that you can swiftly respond when attacked.

Benchmade hunting knife

Yet another winner knife in this segment is Benchmade hunting knife. As the name suggests, it is meant for hunting in the wilderness. It may not be effective in hunting huge animals, it could be used to catch fishes in ponds or small animals. The purpose of benchmade hunting knives is to enable you to survive if you are stranded in a lonely place. It can also help you to defend yourself effectively. Their handle comes in two different colours – black, wood finish and orange. Typically, survival knives have only black color handles and overall look. Getting it in bright color is a welcome change. They are designed compactly but with highly efficient blade.

Hope this brief enables you to now pick up the dealer’s phone number and place your order.