The Latest Reviews on Mid-range DSLR Camera

People nowadays look for good reviews on DSLR cameras before selecting one for them. For a professional photographer, the reviews are of much more importance as it is a profession to him/her. Many sites provide various reviews on the latest models arriving at the market. This article is going to give a rough picture on few of the characteristics of the Mid-range DSLR Cameras suited for various levels of photography.


Nikon is the most respected company in the camera industry. The transition made by Nikon from film cameras to digital camera was rather smooth compared to other camera makers. Nikon produces DSLR cameras suiting different types of people ranging from professional photographers to amateurs. Each of the cameras has its own distinct features. But as newer models are coming up in the market, it is important to consider certain features while buying the latest DSLR camera.

CMOS Imager: CMOS image sensor is responsible for transforming light into electricity. The camera then converts this electricity back to a digital image. CCD sensors also do the same but they are present in older models and unlike CMOS image sensors, they do not perform well in low-light. In Nikon, always look for a CMOS image sensor in an ISO range of 100 to 6400 for a better image quality.

HD video Recording: One of the important features to look for in a Nikon DSLR camera is the HD video with 1080p resolution. This is high quality video and can clearly capture videos of events and moments. Looking for a HD video recording is a better option than selecting a camera that records video but not HD.

Lens Support: While selecting a camera, knowledge over the different types of lenses is important. While purchasing Nikon cameras, check for the support for multiple lenses.

Auto Focus System: A good combination of image sensor and autofocus means that the camera is focused even at low-light conditions. Select a Nikon camera with 51-point autofocus system for taking pictures more quickly.

Optical Image Stabilizer: Blurred images are produced in cameras due to the motion of the photographer. This is rectified with VR image stabilization technology in Nikon cameras.

Live View Shooting Mode: The image that is captured in the camera is displayed in the LCD display in the Live View Shooting mode, thus, making it easy for the photographers to find an easier shot. Most of the Nikon camera have this option which can be enabled/disabled.

A Nikon lover will always go for the latest models from Nikon. For more Nikon DSLR Camera review, click HERE:


The other company dominating the DSLR camera market is Canon. Even after narrowing down to the specific manufacturer, there are plenty of options available to choose from. Any review on mid-range DSLR cameras will have a review included on the latest Canon 70D review. The best Canon 70D review can be found on To tell in short, this 70D was launched three years after the 60D was released. It has many improvements like the Dual-Pixel based AF technology that makes it a formidable camera. The other popular model of Canon is the Canon-eos-5d, the review of which can be read at

A good DSLR camera can redefine the way we see the world. Stay updated by reading detailed reviews of the latest models before buying one.